Weir X, North Wales

Weir X on the Afon Tryweryn, notorious for a fatality and several near misses, was examined for solutions to improve safety and also provide a recreational facility for paddlesport.

EPD undertook a feasibility study and produced a number of potential solutions for improving safety within the weir structure.

EPD undertook the redesign work and remodeled the weir using a 1:10 Froude scale model, first recreating the hazardous weir and associated hydraulic to aid understanding and model calibration.

A remodelled arrangement was derived after the testing of many solutions within the model. Islands downstream providing increased depth at the hydraulic jump for paddlesport activities.

The completed re-construction of Weir X has dramatically improved safety and amenity value.

Client, Environment Agency Wales hopes the new weir geometry “will set the standard to improve the way similar structures are built throughout the country”.