Swiftwater Flood Training NY

Swift Water Flood Training (SWFT) NY, USA.

This unique and global first training facility occupies approximately seven acres of State Preparedness Training Centre property in Oriskany and includes a three-acre pond, a concrete swift water channel, and an urban flood simulator to allow rescue personnel to train in flooded streets and buildings.

Training Features:

  • Lake changes – selected depths in terrace arrangement for wading practice and also ice training areas.
  • Main Pump inlet set up to mimic culvert rescue / entrapment against grills.
  • Manual flow selector gate to individual channels using flood protection gate technology.
  • Side and level ground entry into channel with vehicle or other objects in water with plate mounting system to Unistrut in channel floor for multiple positioning points.
  • Semi- natural “rocky gorge” environment with anchor points / belay bolts / deep eddies / undercuts. Links to high wall rescue area for high ropes crossing.
  • High Wall / bridge abutment rescue area. Sheer face, high height and exposure, current beneath. Links to Rocky Gorge high area for high ropes crossing.
  • Low Head Dam simulator. Specific depths, flow patterns, hydraulic adjustability. Access and platforms for specific rescue techniques; land, sled, boat.
  • Urban Street with mock properties. Domestic and commercial. Obstructions present but specific and designed locations: street lights, fences, gates, doors. Properties set at correct levels for appropriate roof rescue, upper window rescue, lower window rescue, evacuation from main doors. Flooded debris rooms, inner staircase access, specific window frames for ladder and local kit attachments.
  • Active pumped drainage and manhole system. Live blown manhole covers for surcharged drainage system, suction for serious hazard identification – suitably and safely grated beneath.
  • Ford Crossing simulator linked to vehicle driving route through and around flooded area for high axle vehicle. Also linked to Lilley Padding areas.
  • High Axle vehicle training route around and through street and back of houses. Specific route , depths, flows and tight manoeuvring areas.
  • Culvert / Underpass simulator.
  • Deep high walled Canal Lock simulator.
  • Complete and total control of both depth and flow in the Urban Street. Shallow sheeting flow through to deep and slow moving. Also “Bucket mode” where the street can just be filled (or emptied) as a static pond.
  • Interconnection of buildings to a high ropes rescue tower.
  • Specific Lilley Padding areas in Urban Street.
  • Commercially rented training cells connected to the street.
  • Live flow control, depth alteration with remote ipad system by instructor.

Capital Costs:

$9 million USD