Lee Valley Whitewater Centre

Lee Valley White Water Centre is the venue for the Canoe Slalom event for the London 2012 games. It was officially opened to public on the 22nd April 2011 for pre games for rafting and kayaking, as well as being the base for the GB canoe slalom team.

EPD, working in partnership with S2O Design and Engineering of Colorado, brought this project to life from a few simple outline planning drawings of the channel to the highly acclaimed sections of whitewater available for use today and events such as the World Slalom Championships which were held at the venue in 2015.

Such exceptional results do not come by chance.

EPD & S2O spent months of detailed engineering work and complex hydraulic modelling to ensure that the whitewater produced was of the highest standard, right from day one.

EPD & S2O quickly reviewed the outline planning drawings for the whitewater channels and formed a set of engineering drawings that could then be taken forward to computer and physical modelling.

A significant number of errors in the original given outline geometry were corrected through the modelling process and an initial layout for the obstacle system (RapidBlocs) formed. This resulted in an accelerated commissioning period on site of only three weeks.

The completed project was approved by the International Canoe Federation who cited the modeling as the most advanced and predictive ever used for a whitewater course.

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