National Flood Resilience: ARK

Ark is a unique integrated multi-agency training, research, innovation and community engagement flood resilience facility. It will simulate urban swift and still water flood events in a realistic, cost effective, safe, managed environment and will improve coherent regional, national and international flood responsiveness.

The unique component of the facility is a large, integrated system of basins and channels through which water can be pumped at different rates and levels to create a wide range of realistic flooding scenarios. It uses bathing quality water to ensure the health of users. At its heart is a full-scale street scene – ‘Inundation Street’ – simulating an urban environment comprising mock commercial & residential properties and street infrastructure.

The principal components of the Ark are based and developed from the highly successful EPD scheme in NY State:

Swiftwater channel


Flood plain

Urban Street Scene

Research pods

SuDS system

Working at height training area

Rocky gorge training areas

High quality water

Supporting facilities