Engineering Paddler Designs

Surf Systems

EPD's new innovative and affordable system quickly convert a section of artificial whitewater course into a superb surf wave for river boards and boogie boards.

Great fun for beginners yet challenging for experts with our unique and Patent Pending variable wave forming sections. Each 1m section is variable in shape and height yet is safe to fall onto as it is a flexible fabric and includes a surrounding soft crash mat.

Available in 1m widths featuring a down ramp and a wave former section that link together across the channel width. The shape of each wave former section is controllable remotely from the bankside and can be adjusted to change sections of the wave from steep and breaking through to smooth and green – thus the perfect 3 dimensional wave can be generated, mirrored or altered whilst the rider is on the wave.

The entire system is established in the artificial channel by hand, in minutes. Upon the water being turned off, the system can be rapidly drained and packed away and stored in or out of the channel in minutes, returning the channel back to full and uncompromised whitewater activity.

Turn your whitewater channel into a superb surfing venue without compromise or great expense.

Contact EPD for details and test sites currently available.